Build your business the Estonian way.

Rangi Maja is an Estonian home for Estonian companies. We will shortly offer a range of business services to help e-residents establish, manage and grow their own Estonian companies globally. We are currently setting ourselves up, which includes obtaining our license for the provision of financial services, but we have already begun working with clients to provide professional services to help with business growth. Watch this space.

About us

Rangi Maja is run by Adam Rang and Anni Oviir.

Adam worked in journalism and PR before starting his first companies then working as Chief Evangelist for the Estonian government's e-Residency programme. He left e-Residency to focus on growing his own companies, as well as to help others grow theirs through Rangi Maja.

Anni Oviir is a green building specialist who helps governments and companies with environmentally sustainable construction.

Our values

Estonia is a place for independent minds - especially here at Rangi maja.


We like creative and ambitious entrepreneurs, although we only work with clients who share our values and can gain significant value from working with us. Our clients must have viable business ideas that they can explain in plain English, high professional standards, and understand the value of transparency.

If we think your business is better suited to another company - including our competitors - then we will happily recommend them.


Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency. It means that entrepreneurs living around the world can apply for an Estonian digital ID and use it to establish and manage an Estonian company entirely online - just like citizens and residents of Estonia have been able to do for almost two decades. Estonian companies are also EU companies. They are trusted, highly transparent and can be used to conduct business globally with greater ease and less hassle. You can learn more about e-Residency and apply at

E-residents don't have to visit Estonia or hire business services like ours, but we work with entrepreneurs who value having a deeper connection with Estonia and the professional support that saves them more time to focus on their passion.


Rangi saun

We believe that a healthy work-life balance is essential for building a healthy business - and we also help our clients better understand Estonia while also connecting with Estonians.

We have our own smoke sauna, which we fire up during client workshops at Rangi Maja so we can finish off business by enjoying it together afterwards. We will also soon begin weekly sauna networking evenings in Tallinn for local entrepreneurs and visiting e-resident entrepreneurs.

You can learn more about our smoke sauna project at


Legal name: Rangi Maja OÜ

Registration number: 14739424